Toshiba USB to SATA Guide

Toshiba USB to SATA Guide



Here’s a list of compatible USB to SATA boards for conversion:


G3448A ——–> G003235B or G003235C
G003309A —–> G003235B or G003235C
G003296A —–> G003138A or G003235C
G003250A —–> G003138A
G003054A —–> G002825A
G3959A ——–> G3918A
G003189A —–> G003138A
G4330A ———-> G4311A
G0034A ———–> G4311A
G003296A ——-> G003138A
G003309A ——-> G003235B
G3711A —> G3235C


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