WDC WD10SDZW-11UMGS0 | Data Recovery | Case Study #4

Model : WDC WD10SDZW-11UMGS0
Serial : WD-WXA1A18RNXNV
Firmware : 01.01A01
Capacity : 1 000 GB (1 953 459 632)


Data Recovery of  WDC WD10SDZW-11UMGS0

After approval is given by customer to proceed, hard drive is reconnected to PC-3000 and firmware is repaired.  This is done to clear the previously re-allocated sectors which was the result of a malfunction.  Also the function is disabled so as to prevent further corruption of the modules.  ROM is again modified to allow service area access and the firmware is restarted.  Drive is now able to read identification and sector access is fully restored.-

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Task is created in Data Extractor software to extract the needed files.  Headmap is generated to determine if any heads are weak or slow reading.  Headmap is determined to be 0 1  , as this is a 5 platter 2.5″ hard drive.  All heads appear to read normally during imaging.  hits a few areas of bad sectors early on, but seems to read normally after a few million sectors.  This is likely the original trigger of the malfunction.

The most critical folders requested by the customer are targeted and a sector map created to image these (168Gb of data).  Afterward a map is created to target all data based on the HFS+ bitmap file.  Drive is imaged successfully with over 99.999% of sectors read.


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