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Friday, October 22, 2021

Case study 36 Pen Drives Data Recovery Case Study


Data Recovery Evaluation

Port Broken 

Data Recovery Process

Port Fix 

Recovery Time:  1 day

Percent of Data Recovered: 100%

Total Cost to Customer:  4 Gb Data Copy Other Laptop  return media)

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Case study 35 | WDC WD10SPZX-60Z10T0

   Model : WDC WD10SPZX-60Z10T0
  Serial : WD-WXP2A10NY82X
Firmware : 04.01A04
Capacity : 1 000 GB (1 953 525 168)

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Case study 34 | WDC WD20SDZW-11Z3CS0

    Model : WDC WD20SDZW-11Z3CS0
  Serial : WD-WXW1EB73Y2EY
Firmware : 01.01A01
Capacity : 2 TB (3 906 963 632)

MCU Locked HDD Recovery MCU Locked HDD PCB Series: 2060-800066 | 2060-800068 | 2060-800069 2060-800065 | 2060-800067 | 2060-810003 2060-800077 2060-810011 In many 


MCU HDD recovery cases, users need to find the compatible unlock PCBs for swap. After the PCB swap and transfer the original rom to donor PCB, users can access to rom and SA. This belongs to hardware encryption and therefore, there’re no tools available in the market for direct decryption and access to sa. 


 Feature: 01: For MCU Locked hdds, the ROM and SA cannot be read at all; 02: The translator is dynamic and keep changing all the time, never try to regenerate translator for these MCU locked hard drives, otherwise, the data will not be accessible. Users may find it 000000. 03: Some modules may look bad but actually they are good, such as 6F, so users need to open it to confirm.

 Suggested Steps to recover MCU locked HDDs 01: Find one compatible unlock PCB; 02: Users can use Dolphin Pin reader set to read the original ROM and write to the compatible unlock PCB or move data hdd pcb rom chip to donor PCB; 03: Connect the patient hdd to DFL-WD firmware repair program; 04: Backup ROM, backup 02, 03, loaders, 31, 32, 36, 40, 49, 4A, 189, 190. Please note: Module 190 is very big sized and make sure it is properly copied. Here users are suggested to backup the SA as one file, this one is very helpful. Dolphin engineers always backup the SA, because later, users may need to extract some modules from this SA backup; 05: Disable 02; 06: Slow Fix; 07: Test other firmware modules and repair; 08: Enable 02; 09: Firmware restart and re-enter the program, the hdd should be fixed. There’s one special case we met, the 6F is bad and cannot be opened, drive clicked and users wrote one donor 6F and fixed one HDD.








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