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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Cross Compatible WD Families

Cross Compatible WD Families

So I'm starting this sticky to keep track of families which can be used as cross-compatible heads donors if matched correctly.

Here's what I've confirmed so far:
Dolphin & Mercury
Mariner & Marn5 4K
Tahoe 2D & Vulcan RE
Sabre 53 and Sabre 58

Confirmed by Luke:
Shrek and Shrek LT

Confirmed by Amarbir:
Firebird and FBLite

Confirmed by AJ2008 (on Ace forum)
Diablo 3D & Diablo 3S

Confirmed by Blizzard:
Hubble & Hubble LT
Tornado & Pinclite
Helios & Shasta-3D
Venus & McKinley

Confirmed by FreekinGeeks:
Tahoe LT & Tahoe PL

Confirmed by Boerge
Aries & Lynx

Confirmed by abedalkareem
Espirt & Europa

Please add any you know below, and I'll update the list.

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