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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Case study 13- Samsung. How to solve LED 1A04

RV Sensor Circuit Enabled
Shock Sensor Circuit Enabled
SpinStartUp: mcSpinRPM = 48
RPM at Handoff: 626
Temp : 24 degC
mS1 00000003
SK C:158305 H:0
Loaded FIT ( 0: 0: 1)
CalibTable Loaded. Rev:0x1B
Selective MARC NX Loaded
Selective MARC NX Loaded
ResoTable Loaded. Rev:0x01
RRO1xTable Loaded. Rev:0x01
Fw Active 0000
Ovly loaded to 0x00014D00
Ovly loaded to 0x1002E300
FdtTable Loaded. Rev:0x02
| 19 | RLIST | 2 | 0 | 256 | 1140 |
Reading Serial Num Pass
Diskmode ID Loaded.

PwrOn RRO1x @ H0
Table) cos = 1845760, sin = 1615872
Coeff) cos = 77102, sin = -48056

TgtCyl: 832
Hd: 0 Zn: 0 Avg.:- 416
TgtCyl: 263168
Hd: 0 Zn: 1 Avg.:- 718

RecordValid Fail : 0407647D 0007E41D
PK_4 C:236953 H:0
PK_4 C:236953 H:0
LED 1A04
LED 1A04
LED 1A04
LED 1A04
LED 1A04
LED 1A04

Case Solved

 T> Read rom After  SA

Today we would like to briefly review how to solve the LED 1A04 error that comes up frequently during the data recovery process from Samsung drives. In the beginning, it looks like that the FW is readable, but then something prevents the drive initialization and it just hangs. So, you can’t read the data as well as Service or User Areas.

Let’s consider this issue on the example of Samsung HM321HI 2.5″ drive.
First of all, you should start the correct utility. Select the 2.5″ M7E drive family. Please note, that the terminal must be connected.
The drive is in the Busy state, the utility initialization was terminated:

To continue you need to take the following steps: Go to Tools -> Utility Extensions -> Unlocking at “LED 1Axx” error:

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