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Friday, June 11, 2021

Removal tool for Kaspersky applications (kavremover)


Removal tool for Kaspersky applications (kavremover)

Download the kavremover tool

Kavremover is a free tool for removing Kaspersky Lab applications that cannot be removed completely using standard Windows tools.


Do not use the kavremover tool unless recommended to do so by Kaspersky technical support engineers.

When you use the kavremover tool, the following information and settings are also removed:

  • License information. Make sure you have the activation code or license key saved before using the tool. We recommend connecting the application to your My Kaspersky account, where your license information will be saved. See this article for instructions. 
  • All application settings. If you want to save the application settings, export them. See the documentation page for instructions on how to import and export settings, using Kaspersky Internet Security as an example.   

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